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First of all, thank you so much for visiting my web. Since you're here, I'm going to tell you some things about me.

  • My name is VANESSA and I am from a town near BARCELONA. I've always wanted to move to a quieter place, but I'm still here and I travel as much as I can. I love travelling.

  • I was born in 1982 and as a good LEO I'm a fighter but I also have a big heart.

  • I absolutely adore writing with a BLACK MARKER PEN, make "crazy lines" and arrows everywhere in my notes.

  • I love CUTE CAFÉS full of recycled stuff, handmade decoration, relaxing music and homemade cakes. They inspire me a lot.

  • I love the smell of rain on the street as well as freshly cut grass and the orange light of a beautiful sunset. I love Irleand's countryside, its sheep, its pubs, its red cheeks... I'm fond of IRELAND, actually.

  • I have a dog, a boxer, called Nika, which I deeply love and a wonderful boyfriend who makes my wings grow every day. I consider myself tremendously lucky.

  • I don't like appearing in photos. Only "my love" gets to take a good picture of me when I'm distracted and then he uses the bad ones to make me laugh. I'm not very photogenic.

  • I always try to SMILE.

  • I'm a big fan of HARRY POTTER and APPLETISER. If you don't know what Appletiser is, it's a canary apple cider which I'm addicted to. 

  • I have a very serious job which helps me pay the rent and a hobby that makes me feel alive. My intention is to fuse both of them.

  • That job which pays my bills sometimes makes me work seven days a week, so I normally feel exhausted the next Monday. I have my own rules for that day which is: "I'm not going to do anything unless I really want to". I baptised that day as LOS LUNES PERROS and that was the beginning of my creative path. That's why I'm keeping it as the name of the blog. (Note: Los Lunes Perros could be literally translated as The Doggy Mondays. "To do a doggy thing" is a Spanish expression which refers to doing nothing, mainly).

  • I have a CREATIVE DUALITY. That's why I can't do only one type of drawing. I need to keep a balance between my rational and emotinal sides, otherwise, my mind would explode.

  • My love and passion for animals, nature and cafés inspires me to create relaxed detailed and conscious illustrations which I can draw while I am listening to podcasts or watching Youtube videos. Whilst women's empowerment and feelings take out the warrior within me, and it results in an energetic portrait, very emotional and a bit "dirty" which I can only do while listening to piano music.